Sami Boustany

Prior to his appointment as CEO of Yahlive, Sami was the Chief Strategy Officer of Yahsat and was responsible for developing and implementing the long-term strategic business and regulatory roadmaps of the company.

Before joining Yahsat, Sami was a Senior VP at Mubadala, a leading investment arm of Abu Dhabi as well as Yahsat's parent company. Previous to his work with Mubadala, Sami was a Senior Associate with Booz & Co. where he helped develop and grow the firm's MENA satellite platform from 2006 till 2008.

Sami started his career in the satellite industry with Northrop Grumman in the US and as a Senior Systems Lead Engineer, he co-led several satellite ground software programs for more than 6 years.

Sami holds MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management Information Systems, both from the University of Central Florida.

CEO’s Message

It is a privilege to be part of Yahlive, a cohesive family of Yahsat and SES team members that are passionate about making long-lasting positive changes to the Satellite Broadcasting landscape in the region.

More importantly, it's a privilege to be trusted by our family of Broadcasters who have selected us as their platform of choice to reach the millions of Yahlive viewers across our East, MENA and Europe footprints.

As such, my team and I would like to share with you some of the values we have committed ourselves to live and work by in order to maintain and grow that trust even further, namely:

  • To be ethical and fair in our conduct and in our business practices.
  • To be innovative in tailoring our technical services to the requirements of our Broadcasters.
  • To be selective with the choice of premium content we deliver to our diverse audience.
  • To be dynamic in delivering quality results to all who seek our Satellite Services.

These core values have enabled Yahlive to become a platform from which regional Broadcasters can 'shine' again on the international scene via our state-of-the-art satellite network. A network that can deliver the best of what the industry has to offer in terms of transmission quality and reach. A network we'd like you to think of as your Star in space.

Sami N. Boustany