Channeling Culture: Yahlive Caters to 62M Farsi-Speaking Viewers

Yahlive, a UAE-based satellite broadcaster, has successfully delivered a piece of home to television screens across the Middle East and South West Asia. Rolling into its fourth year of successful reach to the Farsi-speaking market, Yahlive has cemented its position as a community driver, binding the market from various regions together.

With 107 exclusive free-to-air Farsi channels out of a total 125 in the bouquet, the satellite broadcaster has seen a significant rise in viewership with reach of 25.5 million in 2014 to 62.3 million in 2017, via Yahsat’s Al Yah1 satellite located at 52.5˚ East, as reported in a study conducted by international media, brands and communication advisory company, Ipsos Connect.

The act of breaking barriers and redefining what constitutes a ‘community’ has become a significant global trend. The dispersion of the Farsi-speaking community across international frontiers has created an essential need to build and sustain a connection that makes the community feel at home.

According to the Ipsos Connect research, which saw Yahlive’s viewership increase from 51 million in December 2016 to 114 million as of December 2017, a significant factor for the consistent growth in Yahlive’s market share is that customers are highly satisfied with the programming and satellite signal quality. Additionally, the report highlights the interest in Arabic & HD content viewership across the Farsi community.

“Our journey to becoming the leading broadcast provider of Farsi channels would have not been successful without the support of our stakeholders,” comments Ammar Baranbo, Chief Operating Officer of Yahlive. “We strive to consistently deliver quality TV programming for all our markets and look forward to future expansion of our Farsi channel offering.”

Key insights of the Ipsos Connect study on Yahlive’s Farsi market penetration:

  • Top rank for fourth year in a row as leading provider of Farsi channels
  • Today serving 62 million Farsi-speaking viewers
  • Current satellite market share of 68% captured over the span of three years
  • Highest retention of viewer rate at 87%