Yahlive Farsi Viewers Surpass 25 Million

More than 25 million Farsi speakers are now watching Yahlive, according to a survey undertaken by IPSOS, the global market research company. The survey concluded that over 25,408,000 viewers now use Yahlive to watch Farsi-language programming, with 16,464,000 of those viewers watching Yahlive at home.

The survey, which involved in-depth interviews with 1200 Farsi speakers, revealed that awareness of Yahlive among Farsi speakers has grown rapidly in recent months, with 63 Farsi-language channels hosted exclusively by the free-to-air broadcaster, alongside a bouquet of other content.

Yahlive ranked above its local competitors in all main satisfaction metrics, with:

  • The highest viewer Retention Ratio (95%)
  • The highest Mean Satisfaction Score (7.41, where 1 means Not Satisfied At All and 10 means Extremely Satisfied)
  • The highest Mean Recommendation Score (6.85 where 1 means Would Never Recommend and 10 means Would Definitely Recommend)
  • The lowest switching intention, with only 7% of those surveyed indicating that they might switch from Yahlive

Sami Boustany, CEO of Yahlive, commented on the IPSOS report, saying

“reaching over 25 million Farsi-speaking viewers makes Yahlive a major player in the Farsi television market. Farsi is a key component in our broader approach of tailoring content by culture rather than geography. With 110 million Farsi speakers worldwide, the market potential is huge, and our strategy of offering exclusive free-to-view content is clearly paying off.

“Yahlive has been investing in the latest technology, prioritising partner relations and, unlike our competitors, offers customized financial packages to our content partners. The result is that consumer satisfaction with Yahlive is extremely high and our audience numbers are growing significantly as people tune in to high quality, culturally relevant content.

“From the viewer’s point of view, the consistent focus on sports, movies and unbiased news, combined with the quality image offered by Yahsat’s Y1A satellite band, makes Yahlive a compelling proposition. We are delighted that this has been independently recognised by IPSOS.”